Wine bottle size and consumption in homes

People drink less in restaurants when wine is served with smaller glasses. Would people also drink less from smaller bottles of wine?  The results of the first study to address this suggests that consuming wine at home from 50cl bottles – compared with the usual 75cl bottles –  could reduce consumption by 4.5%. Read More

Tobacco-style health warning labels on alcohol and food: potential effectiveness and acceptability

April 2020

Health warning labels (HWLs) using graphic images that depict the negative health consequences of tobacco consumption can encourage smokers to quit. But could they be used on other products that harm our health? Read more

Wine glass size and sales in bars and restaurants

February 2020

In previous studies (Pechey et. al. 2016, Pechey et. al. 2017, Clarke et. al. 2019) we found larger wine glasses in bars and restaurants increased wine sales but not always, with the overall picture hard-to-interpret. Read more

Policies for tobacco and e-cigarette use: a survey of all higher education institutions and NHS Trusts in England

November 2019

This paper describes the first comprehensive review of smoking and vaping policies in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and acute non-specialist NHS Trusts in England. Read more.

Should cigarette pack sizes be capped? – Debate paper

August 2019

Many countries control minimum cigarette pack size to prevent the sale of cheaper, small packs, which particularly appeal to younger people. However, very few countries restrict the range or maximum size allowed, and increasingly large packs are appearing in many countries. Increasing cigarette pack size is a concern as it may lead to increased smoking. Read more.

Do people really eat less food from smaller plates?

August 2019

Despite the uncertainty in the scientific literature regarding the impact of tableware size on food consumption, eating from smaller plates is a commonly suggested strategy for reducing the amount people eat. In this study we investigated the impact of using larger versus smaller plates on the amount people eat of a self-served pasta dish. Read more

Do larger glasses increase sales of wine in bars and restaurants?

July 2019

This replication paper published in BMC Research Notes, adds to previous studies (Pechey et al 2016; Pechey et al 2017- with links) showing an effect of wine glass size on sales in bars and restaurants. This new paper presents four studies, in two bars and one restaurant. In each study, the establishment served wine in small (290ml), medium (350ml) or large glasses (450ml), changed over fortnightly periods for 18 or 26 weeks. Read more

Public acceptability of nudging and taxing to reduce consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and food

July 2019

Smoking, and excessive consumption of alcohol and unhealthy snacks are leading causes of years of life lost globally. Promising interventions include nudging – changes to the physical environment to “nudge” people toward healthier behaviours – and taxation. Implementing such interventions often requires government intervention, which is made more likely by public support. We examined support for these interventions in a survey with an experimental design involving 7058 English adults. Read more