Nutritional labelling on menus in restaurants and cafes may reduce our calorie intake, according to new Cochrane Review evidence

Posted: 27/02/2018

New evidence published in the Cochrane Library today shows that adding calorie labels to menus and next to food in restaurants, coffee shops and cafeterias, could reduce the calories that people consume, although the quality of evidence is low.


News: Launch of Behaviour Change By Design research programme!

Posted: 16/01/2018

Could re-designing supermarkets, bars and restaurants “nudge” us towards healthy habits?

Behavioural and cognitive scientists at the Universities of Cambridge and Bristol today launched a new four year programme of research funded by a prestigious Wellcome Collaborative Award in Science to investigate ways to ‘nudge’ people towards healthier behaviour – including improving diets, reducing alcohol consumption, and stopping smoking – in order to improve health across the population. The research will also investigate how best to implement this evidence. To read the press release in full click here.



Changing Minds about Changing Behaviour

Posted: 11/01/2018

This short Lancet essay by Theresa Marteau addresses a series of questions key to effective behaviour change.

Whose minds need changing?

About what?

And how?

Changing minds about changing behaviour. Marteau TM. The Lancet.

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